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Searching for a mechanic who can take expert care of your luxury car? Whether they are looking for a Volvo, Audi, Rover, BMW or Mercedes mechanic, Surrey Hills car owners can rely on the team at Riversdale to meet the specific needs of their luxury car’s make and model.

We offer the same detailed servicing provided by the branded luxury car service centres, and we do so for an affordable price and in line with our customers’ expectations. Included in all scheduled servicing is a strict adherence to any logbook requirements, so you can have confidence that all details of the factory warranty for your vehicle have been met.

Mercedes Service Centre In Surrey Hills

Here at Riversdale we are committed to providing the very best in service and care for all of our valued clients. That is why, when they choose us as their Mercedes service centre, Surrey Hills car owners can have confidence that our team will provide the very best in car servicing and repair.

BMW Service Centre In Surrey Hills

Whether it is a shiny new BMW still under factory warranty, or a car that has proudly been handed down the generations, we are the BMW specialists Surrey Hills locals can rely on for all of their automotive needs.

Searching for a BMW service centre in Surrey Hills ‘near me’? Call the Riversdale team and talk to one of our passionate and knowledgeable automotive technicians today.

In addition to Surrey Hills, we also provide services in Box Hill, Glen Waverley, Malvern, Blackburn, Balwyn, Canterbury and surrounding suburbs.